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Essential Tasks You Need on Your Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist.

Having your spa look good and well-kept is one of the things that will make your hot tub last longer; this is why you need to do some maintenance checklist on your hot tab.There are important things that you need to have in mind to ensure your hot tub is always something you and your loved ones can enjoy. Ensure you are well informed on checking your water chemistry and inspecting the cover.In this page, the maintenance checklist you need to have in mind is discussed in detail here view more here and learn.

The first thing you must do is check the water chemistry. You do not want your water to have bacteria that threaten you and your loved ones; this is the main reason you must regularly check your water chemistry and ensure the pH is okay. There is a specific kit meant for a hot tub, and you will have to dip the strip in the water, then observe the results and use the cart provided to read the results.

Make sure you have added sanitizers in your hot tub.Adding sanitizers in your water makes sure they are safe for use because they help kill bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms.

You need to ensure you shock the water. Shocking the water will require a large dose of sanitizers to be added to the water to kill all remaining bacteria in the water. The recommended time to shock your water is 1-2 weeks, depending on how you use the water.

The next thing is to drain and refill the water. continuous use of the water will make it contaminated, which is why you need to drain and refill the tub. Make sure you clean the tub well after draining the used water before refilling it.

Ensure you clean the filter. Do a regular cleaning of the filter to make sure it is blocked with so much dirt that its functionality is tampered with. Ensure you clean any material build up in the filter and you can use the pressure washer to help you secure the sides well.

The next essential maintenance task to do is to clean the surface. When you clean the surface, you ensure no bacteria buildup in the tub. Do not use abrasive cleaners because these materials damage the hot tub material.

Hot tub replacement is the next step. After prolonged use, about 10-15 years, you may need to consider replacing the hot tub because when it reaches such a stage, it will require constant repairs, which can be expensive.